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Cosmetic Industry Laboratory

Buenos Aires

Detail of assets:

Tangible assets: land, buildings, machinery, furniture and fixtures, plant and equipment, among others.
Intangible assets: patent rights.
It has machinery, equipment, registrations and authorizations.
Space for soap manufacturing (sublease).
Qualifications: Municipal, Ministry of Health of the Province of Buenos Aires, ANMAT, Viticulture, RENPRE, among others.
It has active clients nationwide.


Fire system: fire extinguisher

Production capacity:

3 bain-marie reactors with heated resistances with capacity to produce 1,200 kilos of glycerin soap in one shift: 3,600 kilos per day. In addition, for liquid and semi-solid products, e.g. shampoo, cream rinse, liquid soap, etc. (any other liquid product for own brands) we have a capacity to produce: 1 tank of 1,000 liters cold with lower discharge valve with agitator motor to produce: liquid soap, shampoo, cream rinse, etc. (in 3 shifts can produce 10 daily batches, 3 tons). 2 tanks of 400 liters in cold lower discharge valve to produce 800 kilos of liquid or semi-solid products (homomixer for semi-solid products and pneumatic piston for filling drums). 1 electric/pneumatic filler for filling 300 containers per hour (depending on the content, 7200 per day) 1 peristaltic filler (extra to be agreed) 1 extruder for hotel toilet soap (2 shifts available)


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