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Agricultural farming in Uruguay

Buena Vista, Uruguay



The establishment is located at kilometre 429 of Nº 8 national route, in the department of Cerro Largo, 29 kilometres from the capital city, Melo and also 29 kilometres from the border with Brazil in Acegua. The frontage of the property on the road is about 4 km. It is practically at the same distance from Montevideo and Porto Alegre. It is a property with agricultural and cattle raising aptitudes. 
Currently, about 900 hectares are under agricultural cultivation, in which soybeans, wheat, corn and rapeseed have been planted.
The total estimated area, for agricultural purposes, is about 1900 hectares.


The main farmhouse facilities, located 80 meters from the road, consist of a main house, with 5 bedrooms, living room, dining room, sitting room, kitchen, bathrooms and service quarters.
There is also a separate house for the foreman and staff quarters. In the main house there is a garage for two vehicles and four sheds, all made of material.
There is a hangar for light aircraft, with a runway, about 700 meters from the main hull, which is currently not operational.
There is connection to UTE and telephone and internet with connection to ANTEL. 
The cattle handling facilities consist of corrals, masonry pipe and hardwood traps. The wharf is also made of masonry. There are immersion baths for cattle and sheep.
There are also corrals and a wooden tube for sheep in connection with the shearing shed.
There are also facilities for dairy cattle, milking shed, with herringbone, eight organs and waiting and exit corral, all in concrete, for 250 cows. Shed, warehouse and staff house.
There is a three-phase UTE connection of 15 KW. There is a semi-surging well, with mill, for water supply. These facilities are currently deactivated. These facilities are located 2000 meters from the main town and 800 meters from the road.
There is a post with a house and shed located about seven kilometres from the main town.
There are cattle and sheep handling facilities, corrals, pipe and wooden stocks located in another part of the property.
Water is supplied by tajamares and there is a dam for rice irrigation on the neighbouring property, whose tail occupies an area of approximately 223 hectares on the property.
There is an annual income from the flooded area
There are more than twenty eucalyptus trees for shade distributed throughout the property.
The fences are in good maintenance condition, there are fixed internal fences of 6 wires and electric fences of 1, 2 and 3 wires.
There are about 4000 cattle and 3000 to 4000 sheep.


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