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Department of Burruyacu, Tucumán.


The property can be reached from San Miguel de Tucumán by paved Provincial Route 317, which is in good condition. At the Coronel Hilario Alsogaray school, turn left onto a graveled country road in fair condition. From this intersection you travel approximately 7 ½ kilometers, the last stretches until you reach the farm gate, which at the time of the inspection, due to the recent rains, is almost impassable for small vehicles. It also has a second access, secondary road or easement made by the owners of neighboring farms to this object of valuation, much more direct with regular maintenance by neighbors, currently these secondary roads are in poor condition due to the last inclement weather.

Land area:

The land has 549has. From the gate there is a wide road of approximately 150 m to the main house of the farm, which is landscaped with fruit trees for own consumption and very well-preserved, in it there is a main house, a house for the foreman and a shed, it has water and electricity service, the internal gas network is provided by LPG; this sector of the hull is approximately 2.5 hectares.

The main house has two bedrooms, living dining room, kitchen, bathroom and verandah. The smaller caretaker's house, both in very good condition. The fully enclosed shed with a gate for machinery access has an approximate area of 480 m2.

The perimeter of the farm is fenced with four-wire barbed wires with posts and separating loops. The surface of the land of the farm under study is approximately 1.5 m above the road level, internally it has roads that separate the cultivated sectors wide and in good condition for the internal circulation of agricultural machinery and transport in grl.

Approximately 200 hectares of soybeans, 296 hectares of corn and 44 hectares of beans are planted, the crops have a good phytosanitary development, no pests are observed, there are no weeds in abundance, which presupposes a good yield per hectare of this production. There is a dam with spring water, according to the information provided, it is free of PH.


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