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La Veloz Project

San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca



It is made up of 380 effective hectares of olive groves of different ages, all of them in full production stage, distributed in 81 squares-within a total area of 1700 hectares, in a field formerly called "La Carbonera".

The varietal plantation is as follows:

Arauco 4.9%
Manzanilla 22.2%.
Mission 2.5%
Picual 8.9%
Picual 8.9%.
This represents 38.3% of table varietals.
Arbequina 48.1%
Frantoio 3.7%
Barnea 7.8%
Syrah 2.5%
Syrian 2.5%
Which represents 61.7% of oil varieties.


NUCLEUS 1: Warehouse 240 mts.2 covered, 40 mts.2 semi-covered, office, surveillance room, private bathroom, restrooms and personal locker room.

NUCLEUS 2: Dormitory for 250 people with sanitary facilities, showers, dining room, kitchen, barbecue, foreman's house.


IRRIGATION: The irrigation system consists of 3 perforations and drip equipment with 4 drippers per plant of 4 lts./c.u, arranged in a single irrigation lateral. The whole system is interconnected and oversized for an expansion of the pumping system.

Comparative advantages:

The enterprise is located in a gentle topography and protected by the radiation of the hill, which results in optimal conditions and in conditions of low occurrence of hail, low incidence of frost, manifesting itself in the repro-vegetative development, in the growing harvest records, and the remarkable quality and health of fruit, which requires a very low rate of phytosanitary applications, (the locals often comment "La Veloz, always has fruit).

The varietal behaviour of the implanted ecotypes expresses an exceptional adaptation which results in a high yield of table varieties, mainly in the Var. Manzanilla, the most appreciated in the market, and therefore the most valuable, as well as Var. Picual and Arauco, with incredibly productive lots. It is also worth mentioning that in these lots, the effect of alternate bearing was mitigated. This behaviour significantly reduces the impact of sensitivity to lower prices (as is currently the case with oil prices, where fine Varieties make a positive balance at the end of the season). EXPANSION It has 100 hectares systematized ready for planting. These are planned for Table Varieties, as well as the reconversion of Var. Frantoio and Siria, given the excellent results of fine grafting.

The tendency of management and harvesting of the plantation is clearly towards mechanization, in this sense the Harvest was addressed, with the purchase of a John Deere, side by side system for the Var. Details are being adjusted for a similar machine of Italian origin to mechanize the Table Varieties. The grouting is also mechanized by means of direct vacuuming from the floor, to obtain lampante oil. The mechanization of harvesting and rejunking generates a high impact on the cost/benefit ratio, substantially changing the productive equation of the Company's oil plan.

Its strategic location is undoubtedly one of the fundamental logistic strengths of the farm, which results in lower freight and transportation costs, due to its proximity to several olive industry poles (fruit can be processed by crossing the road).

The forage offer of the establishment, due to the implantation of mega-thermals, makes a great opportunity to project a mixed silvopastoral management approach, in an already established system, so that the livestock activity is currently developed in only 200 hectares, which can be expanded to 1200 hectares, with high receptivity of cattle, given the forage offer of the field.

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