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The city where buildings are located is Trelew, Chubut Province. The provincial capital city, Rawson, is located at 19 km. 12 km at West is located the pretty locality of Gaiman and further the Locality of Las Norias, Dolavon, also very pretty and visited by tourists. At 70 km, by paved route it is located Puerto Madryn city and at 70 km South by paved route there is the pinguin reserve Punta Tombo.
Trelew is so near to so many tourist places that it becomes an strategic place for tourists in the region, it is a resort town with varied activities, see of birds, orcs, whales, sea wolfs, pinguins, hares, etc., many of them are visible in the roads. They are two buildings in front of the green place of the city that had excellent clients as 4 Stars Apart Hotel, mainly foreigners.
The principal building has appartments in Suite in 5 floors with elevator. It has 12 Functional Units with furniture at superior level con different capacities between 2 and 6 peoples each. There are also 8 rooms with a basic kitchenette and private bathrooms in one floor as an unique functional unit. There is a total of 25 units. If it is reopen as hotel, it has room for 70 peoples. The surface of both buildings together is 1.350 m2.
The International Airport is located at 5 km from the building and the time to arrive is shorter than 10 minutes. The Omnibus terminal of the city is at 200 m, in front of other green point of the city.

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