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Poultry Products Distributor

Buenos Aires City

Main activity:

Wholesale and retail sale and distribution of poultry and farm products. The company's corporate purpose includes the possibility of developing export activities, as well as franchising (depending on the viability of the sales and distribution chain and similar examples of companies in the sector).

The 500 square meter establishment is divided into 2 floors:

The ground floor, which is used for stocking pallets with eggs, in its different scales, the aforementioned plant also has a cold chamber for chicken and its derivatives, as well as a frozen chamber. It has 2 bathrooms, a reception office for logistics and treasury and a large place for retail sales.

On the upper floor there is the machine room, and it is suitable and ready to build bathrooms, offices, etc. Free area of 220 square meters.

The habilitation is composed by the evacuation system and an approval by a registered technician in the electrical installation, either single-phase or three-phase, grounded javelin, circuit breakers.
It has water, electricity, gas, electric generator, CCTV system, fire system, municipal authorization, fire equipment with 8 fire extinguishers and signage throughout the premises. The premises have a low operating cost.

Medium temperature cold storage, capacity 14 pallets, 1 year of use, still under warranty. Frozen food storage, 1 year of use, still under warranty.
2 scales of 25 kilograms.
1 Scale of 300 kilograms.
3 computers.
1 Tango operating system 1 operating system designed ad hoc for the activity.
3 Delivery trucks:
a) Mercedes Benz Sprinter 413, year 2009, van with thermal box for chicken transport (U$S 20,000),
b) Mercedes Benz Sprinter 412, year 2001, with thermal box and cold equipment (U$S 30,000),
c) Kía 2500, year 2020, with thermal box and cold equipment (U$S 40,000). 4 forklifts to move pallets, total load capacity 2500 kilograms.
Plastic pallets for storage in cold storage room.
3 stainless steel shelves for cheeses.
2 stainless steel carts. 1 stainless steel sink in the sector of preparation of milanesas and chicken slicing.
1 counter with sink and 1 counter for scales.
Security system, anti-panic system with sirens and 1500 W lights.
Alarm system monitoring with cell phone with 4G chip system.
Power outage warning to cell phone HDI video cameras with night vision in color.
20 cameras with DVR 4 LCD for camera control.
Equipped with 3 industrial fans.


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