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Pinamar Express

Pinamar, Buenos Aires



An integral management system is used as Management Technology, where 100% of the operation is loaded, both in the Administrative and Logistic areas. This system is developed by a company SC3 Sistemas from the city of Olavarría, which has worked for more than 10 years in TELPIN. Everything is managed by Extranet on a contracted server.

Different types of services are offered: Corporate to Companies: Logistics and Distribution - Picking - Refrigerated Loads - Collections - Warehousing General Loads: Packages - Point to Point Trips - Redispatches to all the country - Courier with Motorcycles in CABA (Buenos Aires).

Travel volumes:

The volume is necessary to divide it in 2 parts: High Season (HT): October - November - December - January - February.

Mid-Season (MT): March - April - May - June - July - August - Sep.

In TA we receive from Buenos Aires 2 equipments (semi 14m) per day and from Mar del Plata 1.5 chassis per day. In TM we receive from Buenos Aires 1 equipment per day and from Mar del Plata 1 chassis per day.

Scope of operation of the Company:

The purpose of the Company is to engage on its own account or on behalf of third parties or associated with third parties, anywhere in the Argentine Republic or abroad, in the following activities:

Private transportation of national and international cargo of goods, raw materials, fuels and all kinds and types of products and goods through the operation of its own or third parties' vehicles, concessions of national, international, provincial, interprovincial, municipal cargo transportation lines, either by direct contracting or public or private bids; Transportation of passengers; Freight, hauling, removals, correspondence, parcels and luggage door to door; Carrying out container operations and customs clearance through authorized officers, issuing and negotiating waybills, bills of lading, warrants and charter certificates. Importing, exporting, manufacturing, building, assembling, assembling, bodywork, equipping, transforming and repairing vehicles and their component parts in order to adapt them to the aforementioned purposes; Lease or sublease of motor vehicles in general, chassis, bodies and/or implements and accessories, purchase, sale, exchange or consignment and representation of vehicles, spare parts, cameras, tires, engines, fuels, lubricants, products and by-products and primary, manufactured or industrialized goods, logistics systems and in general, any other item related to motor vehicles and cargo transportation, without any restriction or limitation whatsoever; The rendering of services of collection, transportation, transformation, selection of waste in general, whether it is urban solid waste, hospital waste, industrial waste, hazardous, toxic or polluting waste, whether solid, liquid or gaseous. Sweeping and cleaning of streets, boulevards and public and private spaces, and their final disposal.


Vehicles for urban deliveries

3 MB Accelo units of the latest technology with Sider type tarpaulin.
2 IVECO units: 1 with thermal box and thermoking equipment for super-frozen goods.
1 VW with hydro-crane for heavy pallet distribution services.
1 IVECO Daily with thermo box and FRIO equipment.
3 Vans
1 Tow truck 

Long Distance:

1 IVECO EuroTech Long Distance.
1 RENAULT Premium 380 DXI of Long Distance
3 Semi-trailers (1 semi-trailer with refrigeration equipment for frozen goods and 2 with rails and high tarpaulin).

Medium distance:

1 IVECO: with Thermal box 14.
Type and number of internal vehicles for package accommodation
5 forklifts for 3 tons
8 manual hydraulic forklifts
12 box transport cars


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