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Fuel and lubricant storage plant

Albardon, San Juan



The fuel plant and storage shed is located in a 10,000 m2. property located in Parque Industrial de Albardón, Campo Afuera district, province of San Juan, on National Route 40. Nearby cities: Albardon 5 km. City of San Juan 25 km. The entire perimeter of the park is fenced with Olympic wire fences, including three access gates to facilitate the circulation of vehicles. 

YPF Albardon Fuel Plant:

During 2014, and based on a request from YPF S.A., a fuel plant with a storage capacity of 300 m³ and a lubricant workshop were built in the Albardón industrial park. From this plant, located in a strategic place in the province of San Juan, YPF distributed fuels and lubricants to the different mining projects in the province, in exploration and exploitation. From Albardón, YPF has had a permanent presence in all the mining projects in the province and neighboring provinces, accompanying these projects with its services: Gualcamayo Project (Minas Argentinas), Los Azules Project, Minsud (Iglesia), Farallón Negro (Province of Catamarca), Casposo, Compañía Minera del Pacífico, Sibelco, San Antonio Internacional and Filo del Sol. From February 2014 to date, an average of 1,400 m³ per month have been shipped from the plant. Until the date of termination of the lease agreement with YPF, the plant was only used to sell fuel to mining projects by decision of the oil company, but its strategic location on Route 40 and its easy access would allow extending the activity to transport companies, buses, agriculture and industry. In case the interested party, in addition to the purchase, needs some additional service, the company has a work team to manage the operation of the same: invoicing, dispatch, and in case it is needed, drivers of hazardous substances to carry out the freight of fuel. Also, within the activities of the company, we can offer the maintenance of the plant, and the calibration of its equipment, according to the requirements of the Secretary of Energy of the Nation.

Design of the Albardón techno-industrial park:

The Albardon Industrial Park is part of the Land Management and Urban and Rural Development Program of the Department of Albardon, San Juan. It has 140HAS. and is located in the quadrant defined by the Route 40 National Corridor and the Railway-Road Corridor as intra-regional transportation axes, complemented with the local connector system. The project comprises land use zoning with subdivisions and a sectorized industrial parceling, functionally ordering its activities and in accordance with the topographic and technical conditions of the basic infrastructure services it requires.

Detail of assets:

3 aerial tanks of 100 m³ capacity.
Spill containment basin of reinforced concrete of 400 m² of surface area, with capacity to house 6 aerial tanks of 100 m³.
Secondary basin to house pumps and reception/dispatch equipment.
Spill containment chambers.
Manoeuvring beach of 270 sq. m. approx. -2 Liquid Controls M30 flow meter for reception and dispatch with their corresponding accessories and ticket printers.
2 centrifugal pumps for fuel reception and dispatch.
1 loading platform for loading arms, with tilting ramps.
1 articulated loading arms of 4".
2 dual dispensers for loading of light vehicles.
Traffic area on leveled ground.
Warehouse of 300 sq. mts. with access and exit gates, with the possibility of an additional 300 sq. mts. expansion.
Office, kitchenette, bathrooms, warehouse (60 sq. mts. approx.).
Fire fighting system consisting of 50 m³. capacity tank, pumping equipment and necessary hydrants.
Regulatory signage inside the beach.
Vehicular parking.
Forestation. -Light
Motive power

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