Foreign Trade: Natural mineral water bottling plant - Adrián Mercado
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Natural mineral water bottling plant



Filling machine USD 75,000 capacity used at 50%.

Returnable packaging USD 350,000

2 tanks x 6000 lts of stainless steel: USD 20,000 Ozonizers: USD 5,000

Volvo truck 2012: USD 70,000

Kaiser Air Compressor: USD 20,000.

C02 Filling Machine: USD 5,900 used capacity at 72%.

Flavoured water filling machine: USD 18,000.

Capacity used at 80%.

C02 water packaging: USD 75,000.

Annual renewal: USD 1,200,000

Annual return: USD 720,000

Projected turnover: USD 3,500,00

Company fee USD 6,000,000


20 Its. Drum, ideal for the consumption of large quantities of water. Adaptable for dispenser.

Drum 6 Its. Ideal for transportation. Optimal for sale to the public in gondola.


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