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San Juan Province


Its head locality is Media Agua, principal urban center, another important center is Los Berros. Its territory presents a land with montains at West whith important mining exploitations dedicated to extract and process non metalliferous minerals mainly to elaborate lime.


    High purity raw material: It has its own quarry in a region with privilege for the quality of its limestone, it sures a raw material which is uniform and with an exellent quality.
    Dispatch Stock: Technology applied in this kind of projects and the high capacity of production combined by the spaciousness of close deposits allows to dispose a permanent stock in the entire line of products. It also has an important fleet of trucks for charges that makes possible to satisfy clients on time and accordingly.
    Quality Control: Own Laboratories for quality control where raw material and products are permanently controled.


    The production process of lime starts in the selection of the requiered raw material, limestone, calcium carbon (CaCO3) with a high purity, that comes from the exploitation of its own deposits located at only  5.000 m of our own industrial Plant.
    Geological studies made of it allowed to determine:

      • Corrected Calculated Reserves : 5.500.000 Tonnes
      • Ponderated Medium Law: 98.5 % Calcium Carbonate


          The material obteined from the exploitation in our deposits is object of a Primary Trituration process by a jaw triturator to be in Granulometric Clasification in a vibratorial strainter, to obtain size uniformity and a "close" granulometric curve as an answer to the qualitative requeriments in its later calcination process.


          The limestone is transformed in quicklime modern vertical ovens. In the calcination process the system "Mixed Bed" is used, using Petroleum Residual Coal as a fuel. The excellence in the operation is accomplish by the high qualification and capacitation of the firm personnel  thanks to the control of the forced ventilation process, that the unit is forced to comply, an absolute domain of the many things that happens during the pre-heating zones, calcination, termination and cooling, this is the way processes are clasified, and is is extremely important that the calcination is made in a good form and with the correct technology. Quicklime obtained in our ovens is a quality that can satisfy the most exigent markets, it is commercialized as Bulk Quicklime in different granulometries and as Grounded Limestone in differen types or qualities, being its use in vial roads, construction or industrial.


          The Hydrous Limestone results from a chemical process as a powder finely divided and extremely white. It is submitted to a granulometric qualification in a mechanical aereal separator, that allows a controlled adjust of granulometry and basically four (4) products are obtained. They correspond to a different chemical qualities in function of the origen of their Quicklime and in function of the Granulometrical Clasification obtainded in the separator.

          • HYDROUS LIME

          ONCE QuickLimestone is obtained, part of its production is derived to the fabrication of Hydrous Limestone or Calcium Hidroxid. This process requires a previous grounding of the QuickLimestone for its later pre-hydration as:

          • 1ª Stage of "Limestone Turning off" by the injection of precise quantities of water according ot a dose measured by a chemical reaction balance and under specifical thermal conditions attending the exothermical of the mentioned reaction.
          •  2ª Stage consists in the treatment of the resulting material in the Overflow Hidratator  where the reaction ends and it is formed the chemical Ca (OH)2, (Calcium Hidroxide).


          The different stages descripted in the Process are monitored by capable and trainned personnel in the Department of Quality Control. Through aleatory and systematic sampling and the disponibility of an own laboratory in order to perform the requiered Chemical and Phisical Analisys. According to specific procedures a permanent following and control of all products involved in the different part of the process is normalized and directed to asure the entire satisfaction of the clients.


          Advanced technology used in the productive process generates an important production capacity that must be conjugated with the big closed deposits that allow to have a permanent important stock for all the line of products. Those are supported by an important lift truck/auto-elevators structure that along with the own charges transport fleet and/or hired trucks allows the satisfaction of the clients according what is required in time and manner.


          • The property of the limestone quarry has 150 HAS
          • It is located in Sarmiento Department, Los Berros Locality, San Juan Province.
          • Access: Over Route 319
          • Total Area: 169 hectares. Comprised by a Limestone Quarry of 150 ha and a quarry of 19 ha.
          • Resources: 11.000.000 – 4.200.000 m3
          • Purity: Limestone at a 98 %
          • Type of property: Concession - Quarry
          • Commodities: Limestone


          • Drilling with owned water, registered and authorized by San Juan Province Hydraulic Direction.
          • Industrial gas and electric power at the door.
          • Green Area of 4 hectares for forestation.
          • House of 100 m2 (1076 square feet) and a shed of 400 m2 (4305 square feet).

          PLANT I

          It counts with three vertical limekilns with mix bad with an altitude of 13 m and a diameter of 2.8 m. Its daily production capacity are 25 daily tons. Under a closed platform of 1500 m2 that holds:

          • A plant of trituration and classification of calcium oxide.
          • A plant for mining and classification of calcium oxide.
          • Two lines to hydrate with their correspondent classification, silos for the warehouse of material and a semi-automatic bagging system.

          PLANT II

          It counts with:

          • Six vertical limekilns with a mix bed with an altitude of 15 m and a diameter of 3 m and a 35 tons production capacity.
          • Two plants of trituration and classification of calcium oxide.
          • A shed of 20 m x 20 m for storage of refractories, with a low platform of 400 m2 (4305 square feet).
          • Maintenance workshop with a shed of 300 m2 (3229 square feet).
          • Offices Scale.
          • Two apartments for the persons in charge. Each one of them measures 100 m2 (1076 square feet).
          • Six apartments for the personnel. Each one of them measures 50 m2 (538 square feet).
          • Industrial gas and electric power at the door.
          • Parking space for loading trucks with 5 ha with apartment and forestation.


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