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Rio Negro Province


The project is located in the central part of Río Negro Province, approximately a 1.000 km al suroeste de la ciudad de Buenos Aires; oeste de la ciudad de Viedma, capital de la Provincia de Río Negro.

Its coordenates are: 40° 40´14” S - 68°23´10” W. Altitude over sea level is less than 1.000 m, allowing to work all the year. The total surface of the mining deposit is near to 29.000 has.


The mining is composed by three principal sectors (objetives) known as: Iván (7.5 Km2), Marillán (18 Km2) and La Luz (28 Km2), all of them are included in a mining tedency of 28 Km with southwest-northwest direction at 6 Km . The first phase of exploration was developed in an exclusive form in the objective La Luz, in an area of approximately 9 km2 that represents only a 4 % of the total of the area covered by mining projects. The work developed includes areas as:

  • Geology is extended on an area of  9 km2.    It has 2.000 geochemical samples from the surface and drillings.
  • There are more than 440 trenchs between 5 m and 400 m each one. Geophisics by resistivity (70 km) and a geophisical prospection of 37 km.
  • Special Studies: Chalcography, including fluids, petrography and PIMA. Drilling program: 2.000 m. DDH (Ø HQ)


The geochemical investigations have shown strong anomalies in Au (higher than 22.7 ppm), Silver (more than 2.100 ppm) and various sectors with economical values in lead, copper and zink. Also strong anomalies in indium and vanadium have been detected. The geophisical prospect have shown the presence of structures partially exposed in more than 2 km, while drillings checked have shown mineralized structures upto a deep of 50 m. The epitermal mineralization is asociated with possible volcanic sub-bodies or domes with acid composition related with Los Menucos Complex (Triasic) or slightly younger, in tectonic halls and forming real “cut belts”. The epitermal mineralization corresponds to a type of intermedial sulfuration. It is represented by an amount of mineralized bodies, some of them with more than 800 m long (systems Milla & Gael) and variables whith 0.80 to 2.25 m long. ​ In fact, the exploration is totaly open in lateral sense and in its vertical extention. Frame Nº 1 shows some results of the geochemical samples, and Frame Nº2 shows some good results from drilling samples:

                                                             FRAME 1

                                                             FRAME 2


Results obtained during the first phase of the exploration clarely suggests the implementation of a second phase of work, in order to a major recognition with a greater level of detail. The principal structure discovered upto this date, in deep and on the sides, has the indications of the developed geophysical project.

Also, it will be important the study and definition of the structural model, specially over structures discovered in high places and more prospected in the text. New geophysical works with the polar-dipolar method will make possible to stablish ubication and dept whith a greater accurancy in sectors that have shown important anormalies in its charge capacity. A new diamond point drilling program has been scheduled too.

In the same way, for the next phase it will be important to start a detailed work of exploration.


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